As a kid I was always outspoken in class, usually when the teacher didn’t call on me.  These outbursts would land me in the principal’s office all too often.  Back then there was no diagnosis of ADD, a label people tend to give to creative kids – followed by heavy doses of medication.  Lucky for me, I was able to keep doing what I did best – speak my mind!

I loved listening to talk radio while riding around with my Dad as he made sales calls.  WBBM Newsradio 780 would usually be tuned in, and slowly I became a fan of the news, weather, and traffic report.  I was also exposed to Chicago Greats as Larry Lujak, Steve Dahl, and Johnny B.  I loved the bits they did – phony phone calls, song parodies, mocking and imitating people in the news.  It was like we had somebody in the car entertaining us as we drove around!

I vividly remember turning on the TV to the news one day and seeing this big fire in the outfield of Comiskey Park.  I was scared, like some sort of revolution was happening in the South Side of Chicago.  I remember the feeling in my stomach – twisted, nervous, and a little bit of excitement.  I just stared at the TV, not knowing what was happening.  But I knew it was something big.  Steve Dahl was the MC for Disco Demolition (created by Mike Veeck), where fans brought Disco Records to the game in exchange for a $.98 admission (a promo for Steve Dahl’s then current station, The Loop 97.9FM).  They put the Disco Records in a big box, and as a protest, burned them in the outfield!  This memory of mine became one of the greatest radio promotions of all time.

As time passed through High School and college, I still had this desire to speak my mind, not really knowing the avenue to allow this desire to flourish.

In 1999 I answered an ad in The Reader, it said:  DO YOUR OWN RADIO SHOW.   Break the Silence was born as a 2 hour per week show on Wednesday Evenings.  As the show grew, we moved to Saturday Evenings, and the show became a hit in Chicagoland.  I was finally doing live talk radio, taking calls, and speaking my mind to a large fan base.  The best feeling I ever had was when fans would call and voice their opinions on topics we were discussing.  This feeling in my life has still not been matched by any other.  Previous guests on Break The Silence included:  Incubus, Plain White T’s, Tommy Lee, Disturbed, POD, Soulfly, Mr. Bungle, Hed PE, Queens of the Stone Age, Less Than Jake, Coal Chamber, Drian STH, Kitty, Lauren Silver, God Hates Fags, Serenity, and many others.

Now, 10+ years later, Break The Silence is re born into a weekly podcast.  As the radio industry changes, the future will again bring Break The Silence live into your car, keeping you entertained, and discussing your life’s daily experiences.  Thank you for listening to the show.

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